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On October 21st, 2020, just as my MorphL co-founder Alexandra Anghel and I were getting ready to sign a term sheet from an investor, I was looking at our product registrations in HubSpot, and noticed that both the CTO and the VP of Engineering of Algolia signed up for our product on the same day. This, of course, raised a few questions in my head, so I opted for a direct approach: I emailed to welcome them to the product personally, and offered a demo. …

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A few weeks ago, a dispiriting headline popped up across the web: “Nearly Half Of All ‘AI Startups’ Are Cashing In On Hype” wrote Forbes, “40% of ‘AI startups’ in Europe don’t actually use AI” published The Verge.

The claim was extracted from a statement by David Kelnar, head of research at MMC Ventures, which had just released an encompassing report called The State of AI 2019: Divergence.

The 150 pages report features extensive and in-depth observations about the current evolution stage of artificial intelligence with its many ramifications and nuances. …


Head of Algolia R&D Romania & AI Evangelist | Ex-MorphL (Acquired by Algolia) | Get Your AI On! Podcast Host

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